As part of its diversity strategy, the BBC commissioned an internal working group in 2009 to gain a deeper understanding of what all their audiences thought about the way lesbian, gay and bisexual people were portrayed across all BBC services.

The network carried out one of the most comprehensive pieces of audience research ever done on the subject by a broadcaster. It included qualitative and quantitative research and a public consultation exercise, which attracted comment from almost ten thousand viewers and listeners.

These reports show the work the BBC has done in this area so far, and presents the operative recommendations the BBC would/will be taking forward as a result of the research, as well as the executive summaries from the full reports of both the audience research and public consultation. 

The reports were released to the public in 2010, with a commitment to further research and report on the network’s progress every two years; BBC made good on this commitment in 2012.

The following documents offer insight into the official stance and working   philosophies of the BBC, as well as a deep and broad overview of their audiences, and—much like Tim Davie (Chair of the BBC Working Group on Portrayal and Inclusion of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Audiences)—I’m keen to share them.

* Regarding the ‘LGB’ acronym: This is the acronym explicitly used by the BBC/their reports. The main focus on lesbian, gay and bisexual people and lack of inclusion of issues specifically pertaining to trans  people in the bulk of these reports is acknowledged by the following statements: 

"The BBC was […] conscious that guidance from the Equality and Human Rights Commission was to study matters relating to sexual orientation and gender identity separately.” 

"384 consultation respondents identified as transgender, giving the BBC a significant resource of what a considerable number of trans people think about its portrayal of LGB people, and potentially of trans people. The BBC can use this further to inform any future work on the portrayal of trans people."

(pages 59-60 of the 2010 Consultation Report [x])

This master post is a work in progress, and will include links to any meta or discussions that reference the reports in a coherent way. (Please feel free to @-tag skulls-and-tea, drop an ask here, or email if you’d like a post to be included in this list.)

In the meantime, please have some new reading material:  


DOCUMENTS: 2010 Research & Consultation

DOCUMENTS: 2012 Updated Research

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